A story told by Okinh Soumpholphakdy


The cultural heritage of our family genealogy requires above all the creation of a great treasure of knowledge are very large so-called “omniscience” of the entire membership of all our family.The family history is like the story of a Sacred tree that grows well living on a floor abundant and rich in minerals: The tree grows on Sala birthplace of sublime Happy Buddha, and that day he gave his exceptionally beautiful and very Perfumed.The beautiful flowers’ fragrance is excellent spread throughout the universe billions of macroscopic and microscopic world, in the real world and unreal, in the world of materials and, Anti-materials in the world of space-time (after the wall of Max Planck) and time zero (before this wall infinitely small),

In the space of emptiness before the birth of the universe and our universe elegant.

All the splendor of nature enjoyed this wonderfully rare, pure and sublime aura of this connoisseur of the Worlds, Fully and Completely Eveillé.(Tribute) to him, the Arahat, Blessed.

All the members of my family and distant relatives scattered around the world asked me to go and seek this Tree with deep roots. Pedigree comparable to the family tree that satisfy everybody’s needs with Branches, leaves, fruits, stems, bark, roots sound, it is a tree that grows and adapts to all lands and all Climates of our beautiful planet, I love it and I love it, can this tree of my ancestors always remain green and continue to give of the seedlings still healthy and Prosperity.It ‘s the general introduction of my writing.

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